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December 1, 2014

By Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

What is Kangen Water?

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Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only does this device filter your tap water, but it also produces ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters are optimal when taking enemas and for optimal hydration.

When taking enemas, the type of water you use is crucial.

The Optimal Health Network now offers this powerful Enagic water-ionizing machine, which produces up to 5 different types of water. You will be amazed at the versatility of this remarkable, cutting-edge product.


Kangen Water® (pH 8.5 - 9.5)

Kangen water at 9.0 is optimal to use for preparing the coffee enema to balance out the natural acidity of coffee.

Additionally, this water is perfect for drinking, cooking, gardening, and so much more! Drink a minimum of a 1/2 ounce of Kangen water for each pound of body weight. Even more water is better for optimal health. Do you want to take our water challenge? Drink 100-120 ounces of Kangen water by drinking 1/2 cup every 30 minutes.

Neutral Water (pH 7.0)

Free of chlorine, rust, and cloudiness, neutral water is ideal for taking the first two enemas in the enema series.

Slightly Acidic Water (pH 4.0 - 6.0)

Slightly acidic water is recognized for its astringent effects. It is terrific to use for gentle cleaning, hygienic, and beauty care, and even keeping frozen food full of flavor!

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)

This water has excellent cleaning properties. Use strong acidic water to sanitize kitchen utensils and countertops to keep areas safe and clean.

Learn about Kangen business opportunities

Learn more about the healing benefits of Kangen water

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