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March 19, 2018

Using Enemas to Help Provide Relief from LARS (Low Anterior Resection Syndrome)

By Kristina Amelong

Recently I was contacted by Kate, who has sought support for her husband who suffers from LARS (low anterior resection syndrome) following colorectal cancer surgery. LARS is a constellation of symptoms which can include fecal incontinence or urgency, frequent or fragmented bowel movements, emptying difficulties, and increased intestinal gas, that occur after a sphincter-sparing resection (i.e., anterior resection) of the rectum. I would like to share my dialogue with Kate in the hope of helping others who are struggling with LARS.

Kate wrote to me as follows:

"My husband had colorectal cancer in 2014 and had his rectum removed in April 2015. Since then he has had low anterior resection syndrome (LARS). He has learned to live with it by greatly altering his diet and lifestyle. We've learned that a lot of people with LARS are doing enemas to get some relief. My husband has told me he'd like to try them. I'm a novice but am learning as much as I can as quickly as I can. This could really be the answer we've been hoping for to give him some relief from LARS. Enemas could possibly mean he can eat differently, travel, sleep, etc.!

Here are some of my questions:

Have you helped people with LARS? If yes, which products do you recommend for enemas to be successful? Can you do them daily? Or how often do recommend doing them?

I'm so happy I found your website. Thank you!"

I wrote back to share a potential reference from another client:

"Hi, Kate. Wonderful to hear from you. Begin HERE. Does this fit?"

[Client reference appears in second half of linked blog post.]

Kate replied:

"You got it. This fits perfectly! Pretty much the same exact story as Bob.

I've told my husband that there will be some trial and error in doing the enemas, from what I've read on a Facebook group for people with LARS. The least amount of trial and error the better. If I can set him up for success, then I know it can be a lifelong solution for us. It's been an extremely tough couple of years and if this works, then it will truly be a lifesaver in a lot of ways.

Russ (my husband) is 6'1" and about 155-160 lbs. Can you recommend the supplies he'll need? Also how much water do you recommend? My number one goal is success!

Thank you so much for your help!"

My response:

"Hi, Kate. Here are my recommendations:
You can also call for help with orders at (608) 242-0200."

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