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March 19, 2018

Using Enemas to Help Provide Relief from LARS (Low Anterior Resection Syndrome)

Recently I was contacted by Kate, who has sought support for her husband who suffers from LARS (low anterior resection syndrome) following colorectal cancer surgery. LARS is a constellation of symptoms which can include fecal incontinence or urgency, frequent or fragmented bowel movements, emptying difficulties, and increased intestinal gas, that occur after a sphincter-sparing resection (i.e., anterior resection) of the rectum. I would like to share my dialog with Kate in the hope of helping others who are struggling with LARS.

Kate wrote to me as follows:

"My husband had colorectal cancer in 2014 and had his rectum removed in April 2015. Since then he has had low anterior resection syndrome (LARS). He has learned to live with it by greatly altering his diet and lifestyle. We've learned that a lot of people with LARS are doing enemas to get some relief. My husband has told me he'd like to try them. I'm a novice but am learning as much as I can as quickly as I can. This could really be the answer we've been hoping for to give him some relief from LARS. Enemas could possibly mean he can eat differently, travel, sleep, etc.!

Here are some of my questions:

Have you helped people with LARS? If yes, which products do you recommend for enemas to be successful? Can you do them daily? Or how often do recommend doing them?

I'm so happy I found your website. Thank you!"

I wrote back to share a potential reference from another client:

"Hi, Kate. Wonderful to hear from you. Begin HERE. Does this fit?"

[Client reference appears in second half of linked blog post.]

Kate replied:

"You got it. This fits perfectly! Pretty much the same exact story as Bob.

I've told my husband that there will be some trial and error in doing the enemas, from what I've read on a Facebook group for people with LARS. The least amount of trial and error the better. If I can set him up for success, then I know it can be a lifelong solution for us. It's been an extremely tough couple of years and if this works, then it will truly be a lifesaver in a lot of ways.

Russ (my husband) is 6'1" and about 155-160 lbs. Can you recommend the supplies he'll need? Also how much water do you recommend? My number one goal is success!

Thank you so much for your help!"

My response:

"Hi, Kate. Here are my recommendations:
You can also call for help with orders at (608) 242-0200."

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December 3, 2017

Pet Health

The Optimal Health Network's resource on pet health is still being developed. If you have stories of using enemas, suppositories, or essential oils with your pets to improve their health, we would love to hear from you.

Here are a few thoughts to start with:
  • In speaking with a holistic veterinary clinic, I found out that a common treatment for dogs who have cancer is to use frankincense enemas.
  • Diffusing lavender promotes a relaxed and peaceful attitude in pets.
  • One of the simplest cancer-deterring supplements you can add to your dog’s food is coconut oil. Use 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per 10 pounds of body weight per day in divided doses. That's 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) for a 30-pound dog and 2 tablespoons for a 60-pound dog. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil help treat or prevent many kinds of illnesses and they have significant anti-tumor properties. Giving your dog coconut oil every day is inexpensive health insurance.
  • Feed your pet raw food, especially meat.
  • Dogs need real bones.
  • Some enemas are not safe for cats. Unsafe enemas are those containing phosphate (for example, some Fleet enemas). Cats absorb sodium and phosphate molecules from these enemas into their blood and tissues, becoming hypertonic. As a cat's body seeks to dilute the area and correct the hypertonicity, it pulls water from the tissues, including from the brain and muscles. The result is a potentially fatal hypertonicity electrolyte imbalance.
  • Use suppositories with your pets before you use enemas.

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November 24, 2016

The Scoop on Powdered Bone Broth

When the bone broth movement began several years ago, it was a celebration of a return to traditional, nutrient-dense, healing foods. Or as Chef Lance Roll says: Blessed Return Of Traditional Healing (B.R.O.T.H.).

Many of us began to recognize that the rise of disease and lack of optimal health, happiness, and energy that we're experiencing is a product of the processed, inferior foods we're buying into. So we began ditching our microwaves, TV dinners, and processed foods in favor of real, ancestral foods once again.

But, as the old adage says, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. This is evident in the genesis of products like powdered bone broth and K-cup bone broth. That is, an attempt to take a healing, REAL food and turn it into a processed convenience food.

Here's the problem: all of the studies on the power and benefits of bone broth are done on traditionally prepared broth, not processed versions. By deconstructing bone broth, you lose the very essence of what makes it the nourishing, healing food that it is. Properly prepared bone broth is more than its individual properties:
  • bioavailable collagen
  • abundant amino acids
  • vitamins and minerals
  • glucosaminoglycans
  • healthy fats and much more!
Bone broth is a synergy of all its properties working together. Add to that the aroma, warmth, deliciousness, energy, love, and nostalgia, and you begin to understand that real bone broth is an EXPERIENCE: you can actually FEEL it nourishing your cells. I dare say you miss that experience when you drink powdered water from a blender cup in your car!

When Chef Lance Roll of The Flavor Chef was at the WAPF Conference last week, over half of the attendees inquired whether he made a powdered broth. The answer, of course, was "NEVER!"
Buy Flavor Chef Bone Broth Soup

I'm not going to say there are no shortcuts in life. There are some. But bone broth is not one of them. We could take shortcuts and powder our broth. Charge less, and make a huge profit. But integrity does not allow it. In the case of bone broth, you do get what you pay for.

Learn more about the insidious compound created by the high heat processing of bone broth

If you're in the market for bone broth, then you likely value your health and wellness. So do your research. Ask questions. How is it being made? Who is making it? Look at reviews and credentials.

While I do sometimes supplement with probiotics or use green powders (from companies that I've researched and vetted for myself), I do so with full knowledge that it isn't providing the same benefits as eating fermented foods or real vegetables. If a green powder manufacturer claimed I would never have to eat another vegetable again if I used their product every day, I would seriously question their ethics.

Bone broth is not a fad. It's a traditional, healing FOOD. And, if done right, it tastes freakin' good! Our commitment is to providing the best-tasting, most healing bone broth. We will continue to look for ways to make packaging and shipping easier — in ways that do not compromise our values.

To learn more about the health benefits of bone broth soup, read my book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health.

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October 21, 2016

Lyme Disease: Explorations on Treatment

"The problem of Lyme disease knows no borders. It knows no nationalities, no races, and no political systems. As a virulent bacterial infection, Lyme disease simply spreads, and spreads, and spreads, and if something isn’t done, the worldwide cases of Lyme disease will do nothing but continue to increase."

— Rosner B, et al. 2008 Lyme disease annual report. South Lake Tahoe (CA): BioMed Publishing Group; 2008

Lyme disease, or tick-borne diseases, have been documented for millennia around the world. Yet, this new variety has been spreading at an uncanny rate. Lyme disease is not confined to the United States; it is a major epidemic worldwide. Research confirms the presence of Lyme disease in all corners of the globe. Major outbreaks have been reported in England, Sweden, Germany, and Russia, and there may be an epidemic in Africa as well.

Lyme disease could also be called the "The Great Imitator" because its symptoms are often misdiagnosed as something else such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, abnormal heart conditions, attention deficit disorder (ADD), chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, multiple sclerosis (MS), schizophrenia, and more.

The symptoms of Lyme disease include fatigue, fever, chills, headache, muscle and joint pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, nerve pain, skin rashes, back pain, mental confusion, and brain fog. If allowed to run its course, Lyme can cause arthritis, cardiac dysrhythmias, nervous system abnormalities, and other bodily or mental damage. It has been estimated that only 10% of Lyme patients have been accurately diagnosed.

According to recent research, there are at least 5 subspecies of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria (the predominant causative agent of Lyme disease), over 100 strains in the U.S., and over 300 strains worldwide. This diversity is thought to contribute to the antigenic variability of the spirochete class of the bacteria and its ability to evade the immune system, leading to chronic infection.

Optimal Health Network can help!

The primary herb for Lyme prevention and for new tick bites is astragalus. Astragalus acts as an immune enhancer, modulator, and/or stimulant, depending on what the body needs it to be. It can act as an antiviral, antibacterial, and tonic, and it also has diuretic functions in the lungs, spleen, and GI tract. It is also a heart protector.

Astragalus acts to enhance immune function during early-stage Lyme disease. It works by enhancing the type 1 helper cell (Th1) immune response, producing higher levels of Th1 cells, which lessens the chance that an infection will occur, or results in milder symptoms as a result of an infection.

(Please note: Late-stage Lyme disease is Th1 dominant, thus the use of astragalus in the later stages of this disease has the potential to exacerbate this Th1 response and worsen the symptoms of the disease.)

At Optimal Health Network, we recommend the following protocol for using astragalus for avoiding Lyme infection or for a current Lyme infection:

Suggested dosage of astragalus for new tick bites, for 30 days:
  • 150-lb adult: 1 teaspoon 3x daily
  • 100-lb adult: 1 teaspoon 3x daily
  • 60-lb child: 1/2 teaspoon 3x daily
  • 30-lb child: 1/3 teaspoon 3x daily
Suggested dosage of astragalus for preventing Lyme disease if you live in a Lyme-endemic area. This small dosage of astragalus assists the body to keep the immune markers high:
  • 150-lb adult: 1 teaspoon 1x daily
  • 100-lb adult: 1 teaspoon 1x daily
  • 60-lb child: 1/2 teaspoon 1x daily
  • 30-lb child: 1/3 teaspoon 1x daily
Another supplement to consider is Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™. Many Lyme doctors are prescribing this supplement to help jumpstart the immune system. The maker of the product, Research Nutritionals, is up-to-date on Lyme disease and has even geared many of its products to Lyme treatments. Research Nutritionals claims that this product works on the cellular (Th1) immunity level, as opposed to humoral (Th2) immunity, and thus modulates, as opposed to stimulates, making it supportive for chronic Lyme, unlike astragalus.

If you need general support, please call or email us. If you need individualized support, we can support you to fully heal through personalized consultation.

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
Buhner Healing
FoundHealth, Inc.
2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report
Five Element Healing

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September 9, 2016

How to Perform a Therapeutic Enema

With our unique enema series protocol, Optimal Health Network has supported thousands of people through health struggles such as IBS, prostate issues, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, anxiety, celiac disease, dementia, heart disease, and much more.

Optimal Health Network developed the 3-step enema series to help you meet multiple health goals: to clear out the entire colon, to optimize the health of the microbiome, to feed the cells of the colon wall, and to support the body's overall detoxification pathways.

WATCH VIDEO: Why Choose the Enema Series Kit?

The first enema in the series uses Optimal Health Network’s Frankincense and Myrrh Made-for-Enema Goat Milk Soap. This clinically designed goat milk soap contains butyric acid which feeds the colonic mucosa, optimizing the healthy bacteria in your colon. Scientific research has shown that the frankincense essential oil in this soap, of the species Boswellia carteri, offers benefits against colon cancer, in addition to being an anti-inflammatory agent. Myrrh essential oil has a long history of medicinal use, and is valued for its wound-healing properties.

Directions for the first enema in the enema series:
  1. Use 1-4 quarts of filtered water and Optimal Health Network’s Frankincense and Myrrh Goat Milk Soap.
  2. Soak the soap in the water for 20-60 seconds. The amount of water and soap varies between people. A more sensitive person needs should use less soap. As you experiment with the enema, your own body lets you know how much enema solution your colon can take in.
  3. Massaging the abdomen during this time assists the body in receiving the water with less cramping.
WATCH VIDEO: How to Use the Goat Milk Enema Soap

The second enema in the series uses water, Optimal Health Network’s Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend, and sea salt. This enema helps optimize the electrolyte balance in the colon, and as a prebiotic it also helps to promote the growth of a healthy microbiome. We need to do all we can to support an optimal microbiome, which in turn supports a strong immune system, helps us age well, frees us from ailments such as asthma, and supports a healthy mind.

Directions for the second enema in the enema series:
  1. Use 1-4 quarts of filtered water.
  2. Add one teaspoon of sea salt and 2-8 drops of OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend to each quart of filtered water.
  3. The second enema doesn't need to be held. Once the colon is full, sit on the toilet and empty.
The third enema in the series is the coffee enema. Due to the Genome Project, we’re seeing that many people, up to 60%, are missing a snippet in their DNA called MTHFR. The MTHFR information code allows us to process our toxins, use B vitamins, make glutathione, and have the liver work optimally. Those of us who are missing the MTHFR gene are unable to do these important things. The coffee enema supports the body by increasing the glutathione and thus improving detoxification capacities.

One of the most important things to consider about using the enema series instead of a coffee enema by itself is that when you put coffee in the colon, it drives the therapeutic solution along with whatever else is in the colon, such as discarded hormones and waste, into your circulation, which you absolutely do not want to do. We developed our enema series protocol to help you avoid absorbing any unwanted substances back into your system, and to clean out your colon as completely as possible.

Directions for the third enema in the enema series:
  1. Use one quart of filtered water with one tablespoon to one cup of brewed, organic, made-for-enema coffee.
  2. After you have taken all of the coffee solution into your colon, hold the coffee enema solution for 12-15 minutes.
  3. Once the time has passed, sit on the toilet and empty.
The enema series is a fantastic and inexpensive health resource. I recommend using it once a week, at minimum, although the frequency will depend on who you are, how you react, and what your health conditions are.

If you would like a customized enema series protocol created for you, we do offer phone consultations.


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