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September 3, 2010

Eating Program Aids Detoxification Better Than Fasting

by Stephanie Carnes
OHN Contributor

Fasting in Today's World

Fasting using only water, and more recently only vegetable juice and water, is an ancient cornerstone of both physical and spiritual healing. However, due to our current toxic ways of living and the lack of healthy fats in our diet, our bodies don’t have enough resources to address the biochemical needs of a fast. The needed nutrient stores in our bodies are too little and the stored toxins in our bodies are too great for a simple fast to address. Today, fasting can easily make people very sick and almost always makes people less healthy.

Fasting does seem to work wonders for a person with an acute illness. During the flu or another sudden illness, our bodies don’t desire food; our body’s intelligence knows that there is something to get rid of within our digestive tracts. This bodily wisdom works wonders to rid the body of an unwanted virus or bacteria. However, most people need to get rid of environmental toxins, and most people also need to rebuild their bodies. You know this if you are feeling chronically run-down, sick with Fibromyalgia or another illness.

Regardless of how healthy you think you are, NEVER fast without significant support: the synthetic chemical toxin load in human fat and muscle today is much greater than that which even a healthy body can handle. In other words, we are all so toxic that even brief fasting is often damaging to the liver and other organs. Thirty years ago this was largely not the case, but today it is.

What Foods Aid Detoxification?

The Optimal Health Network cleansing program does have a nutritious liquids fast at the end of a high-nutrient cleansing diet, as indicated fully in Ten Days to Optimal Health. (Amelong 2006) Both the diet and the fast are based on the principles of eating nutritionally dense and cleansing foods such as raw dairy products and other high-quality fats and proteins, fruits, vegetables, and vegetable juices.

Some of this nutritional guidance is new; for instance, the importance of fats in cleansing has been widely misunderstood. Few people, even few alternative health practitioners, know that raw, grass-fed butter is one of our most potent medicinal foods used to detoxify the body. What a revolutionary idea—quality fats actually work to aid the body’s natural cleansing processes!
Therapeutic amounts of raw fats actually draw toxins out of the cells. Most cleansing programs only carry toxins out of the main circulation and not from deep within each cell, tissue and organ.

How Do We Remove Stored Toxins?

Eating therapeutic types and therapeutic amounts of fats and oil is our most effective way to remove toxins. Your body cannot fully or easily detoxify without fats and oils within your circulation and deeply integrated into the cells. You need raw fats and oils because lipase, the fat-splitting enzyme, assures that the fats and oils can be taken into the cells. Once the body has the needed fats and oils, the tools of colon cleansing can assure that the toxins are removed and not re-circulated throughout the body.

Contact our office for more information on Fasting Support in the Madison, WI area or by phone.

SOURCE: Ten Days to Optimal Health (Amelong 2006)

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