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December 2, 2012

History of Enemas: A Safe and Healthy Colon Cleanse Method

I went to my first estate sale ever! It was a blast. My daughter and I ran into it as we were going to Whole Foods to eat dinner. We had just bought our new house and we couldn’t resist. We found 4 wool rugs in excellent condition, vintage cut glass crystal, Christmas ornaments and an antique silver bed warmer.

Chris, the gentleman running the estate sale, and I got to talking. I discovered that he has been doing estate sales for years; he pondered that perhaps he has conducted as many as 1000 estate sales. Finding this out, I told him I am a colon hydrotherapist and help people to take enemas and get set up with enema equipment. His face lit up. He then told me about all the enema equipment, old enema cans and very odd types of enema devices that he runs into.

He said, with confidence, that 95% of the homes that he has conducted an estate sale in for the elderly have had at least one piece of enema equipment, if not two. He continued, "The oldest device that I came across in my estate sale adventures for the irrigation of, or the cleansing of the lower intestines, would be a device made out of a goat skin bladder, burlap, a copper reservoir and various intake and output rubber lines that had some type of cloth coating that was badly deteriorated. This device came out of a physician’s home for an estate sale that I did in Watertown and I would say it dates pre-1900."

Before the popularization of laxatives as a colon cleanser, most everyone used an enema. Enemas work. Regular enemas are healthier for the body than regular use of laxatives when colon cleansing. Looking to the history of the enema can assist us to trust the enema as a healthy and safe colon cleanse method.

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At December 7, 2012 at 5:14 PM , Anonymous Mo said...

I've been following your blog and appreciate the information you make available. Enemas have been a part of my life for nearly 60 years. This simple remedy was a regular part of my upbringing and the historical perspective answers many questions. It's obvious that the prior generation relied quite often on a quart or two of water to alleviate many symptoms and correct a variety of deficiencies regarding one's health.

I have bought and sold many enema and feminine hygeine devices over the years. The ingenuity is amazing and the nostalgia is quite significant as we explore the history of enemas and the variety of equipment developed over the years.

Thank goodness some of those beautiful antiques are still around. Your earlier blog with the "Wearever" ad conjured up a host of memories.

Thanks again for the effort that you and DeeDee put into this. My only regret is that I'm so far away from your clinic. Best wishes always!


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