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December 31, 2012

By Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

Seven Steps for Constipation Relief

Constipation is a bummer. Being constipated causes everything from bloating and gas to irritability to anal fissures. Let’s explore some constipation solutions and cures that work!

1. Keep track of the daily bowel movement. Better yet, make sure you’re pooping twice a day! Yes, everyone is different when it comes to frequency, but if you aren’t fully emptying out your colon at least once a day, you are constipated. See our article, Poop Every Day, including a bowel movement chart, to find out more about what is going on with your body. Keeping track of the daily bowel movement is the best cure for constipation. Why?

* If you don’t know you are constipated, you can’t do anything about it.

* A bowel full of a week’s work of stool is much more difficult to clear out.

* Not fully emptying the bowel daily causes the colon to enlarge, which takes a case of acute constipation and turns it into chronic constipation.

2. Drink lots of quality water. A good guide is a half cup of water every half hour. The colon depends on water in order to do its work effectively.

3. Make sure you have plenty of magnesium in your body. To determine your magnesium level, use the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Magnesium is an important food for the colonic musculature. When the colonic muscle isn’t well-nourished, constipation will occur. If you do find yourself constipated, take one to six reacted magnesium capsules at bedtime. You may want to increase the dosage by one capsule each night. Once your bowels are moving well, stick to that dose for permanent constipation relief.

4. Take a weekly coffee enema. A sluggish liver leads to constipation. Taking regular coffee enemas supports optimal liver function, which in turn is an effective and inexpensive cure for constipation.

5. Truly, the best cure for acute constipation is to take an enema series. Cleansing your colon with 4-12 quarts of a therapeutic enema solution will give relief to the most stubborn case of constipation.

6. If enemas make you squeamish, use a colon cleanse detoxification product like Ortho Molecular’s Ortho Core Restore Kit. This week-long colon cleanse aid supports whole body detoxification, restores overall health, and is an excellent cure for constipation.

7. Seasonally, work through a colon cleansing program such as is laid out in Kristina Amelong's book, Ten Days to Optimal Health: A Guide to Nutritional Therapy and Colon Cleansing. A toxic body tends to slow down the body's metabolic processes. We live in a toxic world, which means our bodies need extra support to do their work well.

Please contact us at Optimal Health Network if you need support to cure constipation.

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At January 8, 2013 at 2:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm quite amazed at all of the recent advertisements for laxative products. Based on the glut of this type of information, I must assume that constipation and other types of digestive distress are at the stage of an epidemic.

It's unfortunate that the most simple and effective solutions are excluded from the public information campaigns. As I sit through these interruptions, I have a desire to exclaim, "just take an enema and be done with it!"

I may be viewed as a bit old- fashioned in my perspective regarding enemas, but this is a procedure that has worked for many millions of people for a long time.

Again, I appreciate the efforts of OHN to educate and supply those of us who still enjoy one of the most simple pleasures and remedies for what ails us.

Happy New Year! Mo


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