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February 20, 2019

Are Enema Kits Safe?

Plus Other Important Colon Cleanse Answers

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  • Commonly available over-the-counter, chemically based enema kits, such as Fleet products, are not safe for regular use.
  • Many people experience latex sensitivity with enema use, sometimes severe. Therefore I recommend plastic, vinyl, or silicone equipment over latex equipment.
  • A quality enema hose clamp is vital to control the flow of your enema solution.
  • The enema nozzle, because it is inserted into the colon, is a key component in keeping your enema kit safe.

As a professional colon hydrotherapist, I've been working with customers and clients for over 20 years using therapeutic enemas.

"Enemas saved my life." I hear this almost every day from people with diverse health issues, from constipation to cancer. I delight in hearing these words and will often ask detailed questions about the customer's home enema process.

Most of the people who tell me enemas saved their lives have taken or are currently taking enemas regularly. Importantly, most of these people have spent time sourcing the right enema equipment for their individual health challenges.

Those emphatically reporting favorable enema experiences to me do not use the following types of commonly available enema kits...

1. Fleet enema kits are over-the-counter products which induce evacuation via the active ingredient sodium phosphate. Sodium phosphate acts primarily by drawing water into the colon, loosening stools and increasing gut motility. These kits are not safe for regular use as they may contribute to electrolyte disturbances and dependency.

2. Fleet and other manufacturers also offer bisacodyl enema kits which directly stimulate the colon (large intestine) to increase rhythmic, wave-like muscle contractions which push feces forward. These enema kits are likewise not safe for regular use as they too may result in electrolyte disturbances and dependency.

3. Mineral oil enema kits introduce a distillate of petroleum into the body -- in other words, something derived from the same stuff you put in your car's engine! These kits act by releasing stuck stools through lubrication and softening of the stool, but are also not safe for regular use due to their petroleum-derived ingredients.

Which enema kits are safe?

Historically the common enema kit used in homes is made out of latex (rubber), which is generally sourced from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Most hospitals have switched from latex enema equipment to plastic, vinyl, or silicone equipment because many people have or may develop a degree of latex sensitivity, sometimes severe.

Symptoms of a latex allergy can range from minor skin irritation to life-threatening shock. The older a person is, the more likely some sensitivity to latex will arise. Therefore I recommend staying away from latex enema bags and enema hose if possible, especially first-time enema users who may not be aware of sensitivities which could lead to adverse reactions. Exercising caution with the equipment material is strongly advised.

photo of top-selling enema kit Additional home enema safety considerations...

Make sure you use a hook that is strong enough to hold your enema bag. Use a heavy-duty, stainless steel S-hook which allows you to safely hang your enema bag anywhere.

Use a quality clamp. The clamp controls the flow of the therapeutic solution into your colon. You want the clamp to be easy to reach, easy to open and close, and easy to adjust to precisely control the flow volume. A ratchet clamp or a ramp clamp are your best choices for safe enema kits.

The enema nozzle, because it is inserted into the colon, is a key component in keeping your enema kit safe. The enema nozzle should not be uniformly pencil-thin and rigid, because this poses an unnecessary safety risk: such hard, pointy nozzles increase your chances of perforating your colon. For maximum safety, the enema nozzle should have a wider, blunted tip for smooth insertion (see photo below). We sell a quality flex tip nozzle made of soft plastisol which meets this safety standard. Be sure your enema nozzle is well-lubricated with a viscous and nutritious lubricant. The enema nozzle should be gently inserted into the rectum, pointing toward the belly button.

photo of flex tip enema nozzle For a bit of perspective, in the 20+ years I've been working with people who use enemas for optimizing their health, I've had only one client who caused himself a perforated colon with his colon tube when performing a home enema. This client was in the late stages of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and his colon wall was weak, so he was at higher risk for perforation.

What enema ingredients are safe?

As mentioned above, sodium phosphate, stimulant laxatives such as bisacodyl, and mineral oil are not therapeutic choices for use in your enema kit, and can often cause health issues.

Unfortunately, water quality is not great in much of the world. Always use filtered water in your enema.

Water alone can clear the colon from constipation, but it cannot do much more. The Optimal Health Network has developed a 3-step enema series as a gentle process for therapeutically cleansing not only the colon, but the entire body. Home enema benefits include increasing levels of healthy bacteria, reducing levels of unhealthy bacteria, improving liver health, and improving the body's overall detoxification abilities.

Science from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) now shows that the microbiome in the colon is essential for good health. The enema series protocol can be beneficial for people with health struggles such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), prostate issues, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, anxiety, celiac disease, dementia, and heart disease. Scientific research now confirms the connection between an unhealthy microbiome and inflammation, which is the central cause of most pain, mental health imbalances, and disease.

The Optimal Health Network's enema series protocol will help you clear out the entire colon, optimize the health of your microbiome, and feed the cells of the colon wall, all while supporting the body's overall detoxification pathways.

In short, if you find yourself interested in taking enemas, be sure that your enema equipment is safe and that your enema solutions support overall health.

Need more detailed guidance in developing a home colon clease program?

Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

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