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September 22, 2019

Essential Oils for Prostate Health

essential oils for prostate health

Prostatitis and BPH

Many men have prostate issues as they age.

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland, affects approximately 50% of men aged 51-60 in the US, which makes it the most common prostate problem for men over 50.

Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), on the other hand, is the most common prostate problem for men younger than 50, and affects 10-15% of the US male population.

Just because these problems are common, however, doesn’t mean they are inevitable. With the use of essential oils, you may be able to naturally heal from and prevent these problems, and ensure that your prostate remains healthy throughout your life.

Essential Oils for Prostate Health

Optimal Health Network has created two essential oil blends specifically designed to help you heal from the prostate issues mentioned above.

Our BPH Essential Oil Blend supports overall prostate health, and should help to ease pain and optimize urinary function. It contains therapeutic-grade frankincense, myrrh, orange, sage, peppermint, and geranium essential oils.
  • Frankincense is known to reduce pain and inflammation and inhibit the growth and spread of cancerous cells. 
  • Myrrh has a relaxing effect on muscles, and has antiinflammatory, anticancer, and antibacterial benefits.
  • Orange is anti-inflammatory and rich in limonene, which helps fight/prevent cancer.
  • Sage is effective at fighting bacterial infections, is a nervous system stimulant, and helps balance hormones. It supports the reproductive, respiratory, and nervous systems.
  • Peppermint has antiviral, antiinflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.
  • Geranium supports the immune system, is soothing for anxiety and stress, and effective at treating hormonal disturbances. Antibacterial, it promotes cellular regeneration and healthy urination.
Our Prostatitis Essential Oil Blend helps to reduce infection and swelling, improve urinary function, increase circulation, improve sexual function, and ease pain. It contains therapeutic-grade rosemary, myrtle, thyme, frankincense, myrrh, sage, and spruce essential oils.
  • Rosemary is antibacterial, an immune stimulant, relieves pain, increases circulation, and reduces inflammation.
  • Myrtle is antimicrobial and has beneficial effects on glandular imbalances.
  • Thyme is antispasmodic and antiseptic and effectively supports the reproductive and immune systems.
  • Frankincense is known to reduce pain and inflammation and inhibit the growth and spread of cancerous cells.
  • Myrrh has a relaxing effect on muscles, and has antiinflammatory, anticancer, and antibacterial benefits.
  • Sage is effective at fighting bacterial infections, is a nervous system stimulant, and helps balance hormones. It supports the reproductive, respiratory, and nervous systems.
  • Spruce (Tsuga) relieves muscle pain, promotes balanced hormones, promotes a strong immune system, and may help boost testosterone levels.
These two OHN essential oil blends have a lot of power between them, and we regularly hear from patients how well they work. Use one or both of these blends in coconut oil suppositories and/or add them to your enema solution.

rostatrol Forte

Additional Tips for a Healthy Prostate

If your prostate isn't at its healthiest, there are several other things you can do alongside using essential oils to help:
  1. Take Supplements like Prostatrol Forte

    Ortho Prostatrol Forte is specifically designed to help men who suffer from BPH and/or prostatitis. Prostatrol forte contains saw palmetto extract, which reduces the amount of hormonal stimulation of the prostate. It also contains nettle root extract, which blocks estrogen binding; pygeum, which inhibits the effects of growth factors on prostate cells; zinc, which is necessary for prostate functioning; and selenium, which destroys free radicals and is needed for proper prostate function. Additionally, both saw palmetto and pygeum reduce the inflammatory pathways to help alleviate prostatitis.
  2. Enema Series

    If you're suffering from prostatitis or BPH, I recommend taking the 3-step enema series 1 to 7 times per week for at least three months, in conjunction with essential oil suppositories
  3. Diet/Detox

    One of the main jobs of the prostate gland is to protect sperm from unwanted toxins. Following the diet and detox program laid out in my book, Ten Days to Optimal Health, will help you fully cleanse toxins from your entire body, which will benefit any prostate issues you're experiencing, as well as your overall health.

DISCLAIMER: If you have been diagnosed by your doctor with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostatitis, the Optimal Health Network offers the above therapeutic products and protocols to support your prostate health under the supervision of your doctor. We make no claim or guarantee for cure or relief of any specific symptom, medical condition, or disease when using any of these products or protocols.

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September 9, 2019

10 Beneficial Uses of Essential Oil Suppositories

essential oils Although the healing powers of essential oils are widely discussed by health practitioners and their patients, many people don't know the most effective ways to use essential oils to improve their health.

Aromatherapy, topical use, and oral ingestion of essential oils can all have a significant favorable impact on one's health and well-being. However, absorbing therapeutic essential oils via a rectal suppository is often the most direct and effective way to receive the intended healing benefits, because the rectum rapidly absorbs the plant's chemical constituents through its mucosal surfaces.

Furthermore, pH levels in the rectum are more optimal than pH levels in the stomach. Essential oils work best in an alkaline (non-acidic) environment. The acidic internal terrain of the upper GI tract can decrease the potency of the therapeutic constituents of the plant.

Essential oil suppositories can support you in optimizing your health if you are faced with one or more of the following health conditions (and more) or are just looking to accomplish a general detox or support your overall colon health.

1. Hemorrhoids

Statistically, about 75% of us will develop hemorrhoids at some point in our lives. Hemorrhoids can be very painful and uncomfortable. Essential oils can help not only to ease the symptoms, but also assist you to heal from hemorrhoids.

If you're suffering from hemorrhoids, use 6-8 drops of Lime Essential Oil and/or OHN Hemorrhoid Essential Oil Blend in a daily coconut oil suppository.

2. Cancer Support (Preventive Therapy or Fighting Cancer's Progression)

Scientific studies have shown that Frankincense Essential Oil can stop some types of cancerous tumors from growing and spreading.

The oil has been shown to differentiate healthy and cancerous cells and suppress cancer cell viability, and the boswellic acid found contained in it helps reduce inflammation and can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Most cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, also kill healthy cells as they fight cancer. Frankincense's ability to specifically target cancerous cells in some circumstances means that it has the potential to be a powerful option for fighting and preventing certain types of cancer.

Because the colon is an optimal location for essential oil absorption, coconut oil suppositories with frankincense essential oil may be especially effective at preventing colorectal cancer, which is the third most common cancer in the United States.

3. Constipation

Constipation is a common gastrointestinal disorder, with a prevalence in approximately 20% of the population. In the elderly population, the incidence of constipation is higher, with elderly females being particularly at risk for severe constipation.

Essential oil suppositories can help not only to relieve constipation, but also to improve your overall health. OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend suppositories can help you maintain a healthy flora balance, optimize the health of the lining of the colon, and reduce inflammation.

4. Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are tears in the anal canal, usually caused by overstretching the anus. Anal fissures can also be caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Candida albicans, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, or any other biochemical imbalance that leaves the anus inflamed. Anal fissures occur in both men and women of all ages. The prime symptom of an anal fissure is pain, which is often extreme.

OHN Anal Fissure Essential Oil Blend has been specially formulated to heal anal fissures. It can help restore anal elasticity, help prevent infection, and help reduce bleeding and inflammation.

5. Prostatitis and BPH

Essential oil suppositories can help improve and maintain prostate health, and can help men heal from conditions such as prostatitis and BPH.

Learn More: OHN Prostatitis Essential Oil Blend

Learn More: OHN BPH Essential Oil Blend

6. Lyme Disease

A study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University found evidence that certain essential oils can help eradicate the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

These identified essential oils are garlic, allspice, cumin, palmarosa, myrrh, hydacheim, amyris, thyme, Litsea cubeba, lemon eucalyptus, and cinnamon bark.

Rotating several of the essential oils mentioned above in order to target a Lyme infection in layers may be a beneficial strategy for many Lyme patients.

I detail my recommended protocols for using essential oils with severe and mild Lyme cases in this article.

7. Candida (Candidiasis)

Candida albicans, a naturally occuring yeast-like organism in our microflora, can be very difficult to remove from the body if it proliferates and gives rise to fungal infections, both locally and systemically.

Certain therapeutic-grade essential oils can be effective in supporting the body to rid itself of a Candida overgrowth.

OHN Candida Essential Oil Blend has been designed to support you in overcoming Candida overgrowth. Composed of lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oils, this blend is safe for long-term use and gently supports the body broadly while helping to eliminate fungal infections. Use this blend in a coconut oil suppository daily for at least 3-4 weeks to heal from Candida overgrowth.

More Information on Our Candida Healing Protocol

8. Coffee Enema Alternative

Essential oil suppositories can also be a good alternative to coffee enemas if you're allergic to coffee. In this case try our OHN Coffee Enema Essential Oil Blend in coconut oil suppositories.

9. Detoxification

European scientists have studied the ability of essential oils to work as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals and helping to carry them out of the body. Adding essential oils to your daily routine through suppositories can help your body repair cells and remove toxic waste from the body.

Tangerine Essential Oil can be very effective at removing petrochemicals, for instance.

Lavender Essential Oil is an excellent tonic for the nerves and often helps with migraines, headaches, anxiety, and/or depression.

10. Promoting Overall Colon Health

Essential oil suppositories are a powerful tool to help you maintain a healthy flora balance, support the health of your colon lining, and reduce inflammation.

An important aspect of colon health is microbial balance. We now know there are over 10 million different types of bacteria in the colon. Many of these bacteria are vitally beneficial. Some are not. A proper balance of the different types of bacteria in the gut is crucial for digestive as well as overall health.

In a preliminary preclinical study, Italian researchers found that ingested geraniol effectively supports healthy microbial balance (March 2016). Geraniol, a component of geranium essential oil, is known to support colon health. Geranium essential oil is included in our OHN Coffee Enema Essential Oil Blend. This blend also supports liver health, with similar benefits to taking a coffee enema.


Studies show that absorbing essential oils in the rectum/colon is by far the most direct and effective way to receive their intended health benefits. Essential oil suppositories can help you heal from a variety of health issues, or support an overall detoxification and colon health program, and and they are easy to make!

How To Make Rectal Coconut Oil Suppositories to Deliver Essential Oils

Recommended Essential Oil Suppository Recipes

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