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August 1, 2010

By Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

Can Diet and Lifestyle Trump Genetics?

by Stephanie Carnes 

There is a history of cancer in my family along with diabetes and high blood pressure. But how does this hereditary backdrop affect my life? Up until a few years ago I had a mild doom and gloom mentality about the fate of my health. That was, until I started to uncover how the body is actually designed to heal itself and function optimally under the correct environmental conditions.

"Genetic influences account for about 30% of aging problems. The other 70% comes from lifestyle," says Dr. Moira Fodyce, a gerontologist at Stanford University of Medicine. (Los Angeles Times, 2007) Our choices, more than anything, have the potential to make or break our health!

As referenced by Dr. Mercola, a study out of New Zealand challenged the myth that obesity is caused by "bad genes." Scientists confirmed that genetic pre-disposition to obesity is entirely preventable with good nutrition during early childhood. I would contend that the cause of most of our health problems is not a result of our genetic code primarily, but rather lifestyle and environmental influences such as toxic overload due to smoking, excessive drinking, pollutants in the air and drinking water, and processed food diets high in refined sugars and low in healthy fats.

The Optimal Health Center specializes in diet, nutrition, and detoxification means that aid the body's natural healing mechanisms. Health consultations are available at our Madison, Wisconsin based health clinic or by phone.

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