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August 25, 2013

My Mind Meets Lake Superior

Lately, I've felt stressed out, overwhelmed, easily triggered into a deep sense of dread by tasks that I usually handle easily -- answering the work phone, making lunch for my daughter, doing the dishes after a full day -- all simple, often meditative tasks. I would try to remind myself to breathe more deeply or of how much I love this work of life -- helping people, parenting, keeping a house; but, I couldn’t shake the overwhelm.

Now, after five days on Lake Superior, I can reflect that I needed time away to do nothing. I hadn't had more than a few sustained hours away from work for over a year. Yes, I love my work and life, so I often do not get the feeling that I need a vacation, but my mind and soul were craving other things.

When time away on Lake Superior emerged as a possibility, I found it surprisingly easy to cover my responsibilities.

My partner and I jumped into my black Prius, packed up our kombuchas, sardines, wintergreen essential oil, pocket knife, and iPhones, and left Madison. Six hours later, we arrived on the shores of the immense lake, near the Devils Island sandstone sea caves in Cornucopia, Wisconsin -- with nothing to do.

What did I find? Simple beauty: the beauty of my toes meeting the lake as the surf came in and left, came in and left; the beauty of an aquamarine bug I'd never seen before crawling on my hand; of nothingness; of light meeting sand; of a daddy longlegs scurrying across a stone sculpture. I also found memory and transformation. I remembered when, as a child, I would pull those towering, thread-like legs off the beautiful brown body and I felt horrified, horrified that I could add to the suffering of the world. I shivered, and moved on, pleased at the changes in myself. Later that day, I found an amber moon, setting on the eastern horizon of the lake, becoming a glowing tooth and then dropping down to a pinpoint of light. Moon on Lake Superior. I had never seen the moon set in this way. Then, in turn, the Perseid meteor shower. Not even planned. (How did that happen?) Then, the Northern Lights, all in one night, as we sat on a deserted beach next to our campfire.

I like this thing called life.

Sometimes, in these pages, I find it challenging to really share the depth of healing that I'd like for everyone. Yes, enemas work. Daily, I answer the phone or read the emails and find the joy of a story that someone's life has been profoundly improved. Here is one such story I've recently been honored to hear:

"About 6 months ago, thanks to a few blogs and your informational website, my life has changed. Literally. Lost half of my colon and rectum from cancer. Life was miserable. With no holding tank, I lived on Imodium and just not eating, because I went to the bathroom for hours at a time. Anyway, I learned about your enemas and I have a life away from the restroom. If there is anyone you think I can help that is going through a rough time and is on the fence about enemas every day, let me know.

Now I'm able to get back in life. I am very grateful for your passion and willingness to share your knowledge. Cranked up my hobby band again. Thank you soooo much."

~ Bob S.

I wrote back:

"This is awesome, Bob. And any more details would be useful! I'm sure your story will make a difference to others. I'm so happy you found the enema!"

Bob replied:

"OK, kiddo, here goes:

Life was miserable after losing half of my colon and my rectum. Stage three colon/rectal cancer. With no holding tank (rectum), feces would ease out 24/7. Three to four hours at a time with a brief break. The area stayed inflamed from overuse. Sleep? Forget about it. Going absolutely crazy. Got to where I would not go anywhere. As grateful as I was for my doctors saving my life, I was just miserable. Was told the only option was a permanent colostomy. Tried all kinds of foods. High fiber to slow it down. Nothing worked. Was diagnosed with LARS (lower anterior resection syndrome). Imodium no go. Tried everything over the counter. No go. I didn't have loose bowels or constipation, just no holding tank. Like a Pez candy dispenser, just constant small pellet eliminations. Food in general would trigger bathroom duty. My record was 23 trips to the restroom in an hour and a half one Thanksgiving. My parents just hugged me and left crying.

Enough pity pot; let's get into solutions. The first enema I took gave me 23 hours of no bathroom duty. Yup, you read that right. Based on my experience, anyone that would benefit from emptying their large colon would benefit from what I call a proper enema. Was I scared to do an enema after the aftermath of chemo, surgeries, radiation, etc., etc., etc.? Sure, but I was desperate. A proper enema to me is as Kristina (angel with wings) suggests on her website. It gave sooo much information. I had never read that a daily enema was an option. Well, drum roll: I have done an enema a day for about five months, and guess what? No problems. Why? Beats me; I just did what was suggested. Bought a stainless bucket, quality surgical hose, and medium-size nozzle. Used salve, OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend, splash of Celtic Sea Salt, goat's milk soap, warm water, and my iPad (something to read). Forty-five minutes later, all done. As in 24 hours done. I use the 2-quart bucket.

Can you do an enema every day without problems? Absolutely. Just get the proper equipment (goes a lot faster) and the proper additives to the warm water. There are numerous additional positives to a clean colon. A little weird at first with the flow of water, however I don't even think about it anymore. A little crampy after all the solution is in, then as it starts coming out it's very cleansing. Has my life changed. Wow, wow, wow. Cruise, anyone? Pack the bucket and let's go. What can I eat? Anything. Do I get any sleep? Zzzzzzzzzz. Do I feel 20 again? Sorry, Charlie. I'm still 50 when I creak out of bed. Is my life perfect? No. Is it better? Way mucho. Best 45 minutes of the day.

Why am I writing this? I suffered almost two years before running across this website. I was desperate. Now? I have a life. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this."

~ Bob S. (have enema, will travel)

Yes, I teach people how to colon cleanse, how to relieve physical suffering, how to enhance their lives with an enema, how to feel better. And, I'd like to continue to grow this colon cleanse website to its full potential as a healing resource, to share within its pages the millions of ways there are to restore a body, a heart, and a soul. Yes, the enema, even daily, can restore a life and thus sometimes a soul, like time to do nothing but notice existence on a vacation on Lake Superior. How else do we restore, and grow, the many facets of our lives? Here are a few ideas. If you find time, please share your own journey.

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At August 27, 2013 at 10:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am an almost seven year cancer survivor. I did have a cancer recurrence five years ago, necessitating 37 radiation treatments and two years of chemo every three months. I am now a little past 30 months of what appears to be a cure. When my cancer reappeared, I went from occasional enemas, to daily coffee enemas. To use the term you use, for me the "proper enema" is a full gallon. Thus, I have the one gallon enema bucket, and using one of the hands-free nozzles, I easily take the full gallon. I have a host of other toxin-related issues, and I am convinced the daily coffee enema has helped me immensely. I wish you the best. I would love to hear you and your band!

At August 31, 2013 at 2:33 PM , Anonymous lee eldridge said...


Keep up the good work, Kristina!!



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