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February 29, 2020

Featured Product: ATP Fuel

Chronic fatigue and low energy levels are problems that affect millions of Americans. One of the most powerful supplements that we sell to combat these issues and help your body reach optimal energy levels is Researched Nutritionals ATP Fuel®.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a complex organic chemical that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells, e.g. muscle contraction, nerve impulse propagation, and chemical synthesis.

ATP Fuel is designed to support the Krebs Cycle of cellular energy production and promote healthy mitochondrial membrane function.

The Krebs Cycle, which takes place inside the mitochondria (also known as the "power plant" of the cell), is the primary way in which your body’s cells generate energy. By supporting this process, ATP Fuel is a very beneficial supplement, formulated specifically for athletes and patients seeking optimized energy.

ATP Fuel® combines three key energy nutrients and cofactors for maximum mitochondrial performance and energy production:

1. NT Factor Energy™
3. CoQ10

1. Benefits of NT Factor Energy:

NT Factor Energy helps repair mitochondrial membranes that have been compromised due to acute and/or long-term health challenges. When mitochondrial membranes are damaged, your energy levels are reduced. A healthy mitochondrial membrane allows more nutrients into the mitochondria to support the Krebs Cycle, and promotes healthier (reduced) levels of oxidative stress.

The typical cell contains an average of 1,000 mitochondria. Given that there are roughly 10 trillion cells in a healthy adult, productive mitochondria are critical to maintain the body's energy and resilience.

NT Factor Energy also promotes the burning of glucose, which creates energy and removes excess fatigue-causing ammonia from your body.

2. Benefits of NADH:

NADH is the reduced coenzyme form of vitamin B3 or B-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. This "reducing" power (its ability to donate electrons) is what drives ATP production.

NADH is fundamental in the chemical process of converting the food we eat into cellular energy. Each unit of NADH creates three units of ATP (the body’s energy fuel).

NADH also helps promote healthy emotional balance.

3. Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10):

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound found naturally in the mitochondria and is involved in the making of ATP. ATP serves as the cell’s major energy source and drives a number of biological processes including muscle contraction and the production of protein.

CoQ10 promotes healthy energy levels, enhances the immune system, and helps protect cells from oxidative damage. A growing body of research suggests that using coenzyme Q10 supplements alone or in combination with other drug therapies and nutritional supplements supports a healthy heart, periodontal (gum) health, and cognitive and nerve health.

Research has also shown that CoQ10 production decreases with age, so ensuring adequate levels of CoQ10 is especially important for the elderly.


These three key features of ATP Fuel combine to create an effective and beneficial supplement for those prone to chronic fatigue and low energy levels.

The following product review from one of our customers echoes sentiments that we hear almost daily regarding ATP Fuel:

"I couldn't work. I had no energy. I struggled with headaches and digestive upsets. Then, I took a hair tissue mineral analysis and found out I had copper toxicity. After just three months, I am back at work and feel so much better. I am even swimming most days. ATP Fuel is one of the supplements Kristina recommended and I found it was a cornerstone of my healing. Please, if you are sick, please reach out to Kristina. She is affordable and knows what she is doing. Or just start taking ATP Fuel, as it works with each cell and I think can make a big difference for those of us struggling with exhaustion."

If you are struggling with frequently feeling exhausted, or are seeking to improve your energy levels, give ATP Fuel a try and/or schedule a health consultation with me to receive additional individualized support.


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