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November 11, 2012

More on Enema How-To

1. Give yourself space (physically and psychologically) to treat yourself to an enema.

Taking an enema is a time for healing. Do what you have to do to make it yours. I can make some
suggestions in this regard, but this is the most individual aspect to the enema as a therapeutic experience. For some it means setting up a comfortable, protected place, turning off the phone, putting on some music or watching a favorite television show. For others, enema time is a time to share a healing experience with someone as you give each other an enema. There is no right way to set up your enema; however I do believe it is very helpful to calm your mind, relax as much as possible and let your mind work with the healing and cleansing powers of your enema.

2. Take your time.

This is extremely important. The slower you gently add the water to your colon the better. By doing so, you enhance your ability to deliver water farther into the colon - ideally all the way to the cecum. (Remember, the cecum is an area with a very high concentration of bacteria.) If you don’t go slowly enough you will quickly stimulate the rectum and sigmoid colon, which are triggered to evacuate with increased pressure. This tendency is common and its occurrence should not discourage you. In order to avoid this, I highly recommend that you allow only ½ cup to 1 cup of water into your colon per ½ minute to one minute. If your sigmoid/rectal area is stimulated easily, there is nothing wrong with going to the toilet and then starting over again. In fact, each time you add water you will be adding it to an emptier colon and you will be able to get water farther into the colon. Our Smooth Flow Higginson Syringe and Hose Cleansing System really helps with taking in the enema water slowly.

3. Be pleased with yourself.

Deciding to take charge of your colon health is no small thing. Though it doesn't have to be hard to give oneself an enema on a regular basis, or as needed, it can be a bit more challenging to conventional thinking, lifestyles and feelings. You can be proud of this commitment to your health. You are using a non-invasive, non-addictive, economical and effective self-help tool for internal cleansing and healing. Whatever your results, be pleased and know that they will improve with your experience and health.

What does your successful enema experience involve?

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