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March 14, 2013

By Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

More on How to Detox

How do people know or recognize the signs that they have dangerous toxins stored in their bodies?

If you are living in this century, on Earth, it is very likely that you need to detoxify your body. Most people are not aware of their toxicity levels because we are polluted over time and we slowly forget what it feels like to be healthy and energetic. A certain signal that we need to cleanse is when we are diagnosed with a chronic disorder, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fibroids, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue. For many of us, frequent bouts of gas, bloating, or feeling run down are certain signals from our body that we need to detoxify. Even with no symptoms, aging itself reduces our body’s ability to detoxify. And, unfortunately, our world is getting more toxic everyday. If you wish to determine which toxins are stored in your individual body, use a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

What happens when you detoxify?

Daily living tends to drive toxins and diseases further into your body, while cleansing and healing lets these wastes and diseases surface and leave your body. Toxins and illness leave your body via your skin, your lymphatic system, your lungs, your colon, and your urinary tract. A classic cleansing response is seen when people quit smoking and they end up having a few "colds." Often, the symptoms are not of a cold virus at all, but rather the body’s way of throwing off the toxins accumulated in the body. Within all the phlegm leaving the body are many of the toxic, carcinogenic residues of cigarette smoking. This cleansing response happens for many, but not all. For all people, however, a DETOXIFYING PROGRAM BRINGS BETTER HEALTH. I have worked with thousands of clients since I became a colon hydrotherapist and I can most definitively say this is absolutely true: a DETOXIFYING PROGRAM BRINGS BETTER HEALTH.

However, as my last blog post speaks to, how you choose to detox is critical to the useful of any individual detox program.

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