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March 17, 2013

What is Mucoid Plaque and Why Is It Created?

The body creates mucoid plaque to protect itself from acids and toxic compounds such as drugs (especially aspirin and alcohol), table salt, heavy metals, chemicals, antigen antibody complexes, and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.

Mucoid plaque is associated with carcinomas of the lung, breast, ovary, and gastrointestinal tract. If you have mucoid plaque in your bowels, your body cannot function properly; coffee enemas won't be effective; optimal healing cannot occur.

The Optimal Health Network has developed 3 methods to effectively remove mucoid plaque from the colon. Each of these methods can work alone, but to gain the most benefit, work through the entire 35-day program laid out in Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health and take the essential oils specific to your individual needs. (If money or time are issues, start with one or two essential oils.)

Learn more about mucoid plaque and how to remove it from the body

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March 14, 2013

More on How to Detox

How do people know or recognize the signs that they have dangerous toxins stored in their bodies?

If you are living in this century, on Earth, it is very likely that you need to detoxify your body. Most people are not aware of their toxicity levels because we are polluted over time and we slowly forget what it feels like to be healthy and energetic. A certain signal that we need to cleanse is when we are diagnosed with a chronic disorder, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fibroids, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue. For many of us, frequent bouts of gas, bloating, or feeling run down are certain signals from our body that we need to detoxify. Even with no symptoms, aging itself reduces our body’s ability to detoxify. And, unfortunately, our world is getting more toxic everyday. If you wish to determine which toxins are stored in your individual body, use a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

What happens when you detoxify?

Daily living tends to drive toxins and diseases further into your body, while cleansing and healing lets these wastes and diseases surface and leave your body. Toxins and illness leave your body via your skin, your lymphatic system, your lungs, your colon, and your urinary tract. A classic cleansing response is seen when people quit smoking and they end up having a few "colds." Often, the symptoms are not of a cold virus at all, but rather the body’s way of throwing off the toxins accumulated in the body. Within all the phlegm leaving the body are many of the toxic, carcinogenic residues of cigarette smoking. This cleansing response happens for many, but not all. For all people, however, a DETOXIFYING PROGRAM BRINGS BETTER HEALTH. I have worked with thousands of clients since I became a colon hydrotherapist and I can most definitively say this is absolutely true: a DETOXIFYING PROGRAM BRINGS BETTER HEALTH.

However, as my last blog post speaks to, how you choose to detox is critical to the useful of any individual detox program.

To learn more about how to detox, check out these links:

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

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March 7, 2013

Spring Cleanse: What Is The Best Way To Detox?

spring cleanse detoxification program
Spring is the perfect time to embark on a bodily cleanse or to detox your body. You detox your body for many reasons:
  • Detox to quit smoking
  • Detox to quit drinking
  • Detox to lose weight
  • Detox to improve your mood
  • Detox to increase your energy
  • Detox to improve your health
But, what is the best way to cleanse, or detox, your body?

As Dr. Oz points out, "the body has its own extraordinary internal detoxification system. Here’s a brief look at three critical organs involved:

The liver: Your first line of defense against toxins is your liver, which acts like a filter in preventing toxic substances contained in foods from passing into your blood stream.

The colon: This organ has bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals. You want to keep your colon flowing regularly since its main role is to flush out toxic chemicals before they can do you any harm.

The kidneys: Like clockwork, the kidneys are constantly filtering your blood and getting rid of toxins in the form of urine.

For a detox diet to truly work, you need to maintain these three key organs."

I absolutely agree with Dr. Oz! But, I have a few helpful tools to add to his detox diet recommendations to support these three critical organs.

First, take the enema series. Take one a day for a week, then every other day for a week, then once a week for a month. The enema series, using therapeutic enema solutions like essential oils, Celtic Sea Salt and coffee, is an effective way to keep your colon flowing regularly and assists the colon to optimize for healthy bacteria. The enema series is also an effective way to help your liver with its incredibly important job.


Second, drink 1 ounce of therapeutic water per pound of body weight throughout the day. You don’t need to buy expensive drinking water. Simply use filtered tap water, add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to each quart and a few drops of essential oils such as Tangerine, Orange, Citrus Fresh, or Peppermint. Drinking therapeutic water is essential for supporting all three organs.

Third, take the binding agent chlorophyll during the detox process. The work of clearing stored toxins from the body can easily overload the liver, colon, and kidneys. Toxins take time to build up in the body. Again, as he states, "the body has its own extraordinary internal detoxification system!" The body is designed to be able to detoxify on a moment-to-moment basis. It is the build-up of toxins that we address when we embark on a detox program. Toxins took a long time to build up in your body; the most important factor with a detox is to take plenty of time and support your detoxification organs so you make certain you don’t just stir up toxins, which can cause toxins to drive deeper into the body leading to cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, and more.

Watch my How to Detox: Spring Cleanse video to learn more.

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